5.0 Pneumatics

What are Pneumatics?

In the context of FRC pneumatics refers to the use of compressed air to power mechanisms. This can be used to extend or retract a piston, or to move a piston in a linear direction. Pneumatic systems can be confusing to newcomers. This chapter will cover the basics of pneumatics and how to use them in FRC.

Contents for this Chapter

Order Page Title Time Estimate
5.1 What are Pneumatics? 5 minutes
5.2 Pneumatic Components 10 minutes
5.3 Pneumatic Safety 5 minutes
5.4 How to Setup Pneumatic Systems 20 minutes
5.5 Pneumatic Control 20 minutes
5.6 Pneumatic Troubleshooting 10 minutes
5.7 Pneumatic Resources 5 minutes
Total Estimated Time 75 minutes