2.0 Engineering Design

Engineering design is the process of designing a product or system to meet a specific set of requirements. The design process is a series of steps that engineers follow to design a product. The number of steps varies depending on who you ask, but the main point is that its a cycle. The design process is a cycle because it is not a linear process. Engineers will go back and forth between the steps as they work on the design. The design process is also iterative. This means that the design will be improved over time.

Design Process An example diagram of the design process is shown above.

Below is an outline of the topics that will be covered in this chapter.

Contents for this Chapter

Order Page Title Time Estimate
2.1 Design Process 30 minutes
2.2 Design Constraints 30 minutes
2.3 Design Sketches 30 minutes
2.4 Design Models 30 minutes
2.5 Design Testing 30 minutes
2.6 Design Review 30 minutes
2.7 Design Iteration 30 minutes
2.8 Design Documentation 30 minutes
2.9 Design Presentation 30 minutes
Total 4.5 hours