0.1 Why FRC Zero?

FRC Zero was created to help address the following issues:

  • There is a lot of information about FIRST Robotics Competition, but it is spread out across many different websites and sources.
  • There are not as many Mentors and Coaches as there are students.
  • Guides like WPIlib, Rev, CTRE, and others are great, but they are not always easy to understand or they don’t cover all the topics.
    • For example, the WPIlib guides do not cover the game or the competition.
    • The CTRE guides are specific to the CTRE motor controllers and hardware.
    • The Rev guides are specific to the Rev motor controllers and hardware.
    • There is no comprehensive guide to FRC as a whole. Now there is.
  • Rookie teams need an easy to follow guide to help them get started.

Why do many of the pages look like powerpoint slides (On Desktop)?

This website was built using the learn theme for Hugo. The learn theme is designed to look like powerpoint slides. This makes it easy to read and understand. The theme is also responsive, so it looks good on mobile devices. With this theme, we can focus on the content and not the design. Since the focus is on knowledge and information, the design is secondary. The biggest benefit of using Hugo and other SSG (static site generators) is new “posts” can be added to the site without having to rebuild the entire site. This makes it easy to add new content and keep the site up to date. If you are interested in learning about writing content for this site, please see the Writing Content page.