4.7 Electronics Troubleshooting

What is Electronics Troubleshooting?

Electronics troubleshooting is the process of finding and fixing problems with electronic circuits. This process is very similar to troubleshooting mechanical problems. You will need to use the same steps to find and fix problems with electronics. The only difference is that you will be using electronic tools and equipment to find and fix the problems. Motors and other sensors are also considered electronics. This means that you will also need to troubleshoot these components.

Below is an outline of the topics that will be covered in this section.

Contents for this Section

Order Page Title Time Estimate
4.7.1 Electronics Troubleshooting Process 10 minutes
4.7.2 Electronics Troubleshooting Tools 10 minutes
4.7.3 Electronics Troubleshooting Techniques 10 minutes
4.7.4 Falcon 500 Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.5 Talon SRX Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.6 Pigeon IMU Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.7 Spark Max Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.8 Spark Max Encoder Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.9 Radio and Network Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.10 CAN Bus Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.11 Power Distribution Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.12 RoboRio Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.13 Other Motor Controller Fixes 20 minutes
4.7.14 PCM/PCH Fixes 20 minutes