8.0 Business & Marketing

Teams can benefit from a strong business plan and attract sponsors by having a strong marketing plan. There are simple, free ways to get started with both. While the business and marketing plans are not required for the competition, they are highly recommended. The Team Sustainability Award is given to teams that can show how they are growing their team and sustaining their team for the long term.

Below is an outline of the topics that will be covered in this chapter.

Contents for this Chapter

Order Page Title Time Estimate
8.1 Business Plan 30 minutes
8.2 Marketing Plan 30 minutes
8.3 Team Sustainability 30 minutes
8.4 Sponsorship 30 minutes
8.5 Team Branding 30 minutes
8.6 Team Website 30 minutes
8.7 Social Media Management 30 minutes
8.9 Team Apparel & Giveaway Items 30 minutes
8.10 Team Video 30 minutes
8.11 Team Photos 30 minutes