3.3 Machining & Fabrication Tools

While some general information about the tools used in machining and fabrication is covered in the Machining & Fabrication page, this page will go into more detail about the tools used in machining and fabrication. This page will cover in depth lessons, show examples of the tools, and provide links to resources for learning more about the tools. Each link in the table may be broken up into multiple pages. The time estimates are for the entire section, not just the first page.

Contents for this section

Order Page Title Time Estimate
3.3.1 Milling 1 hour
3.3.2 Turning (Lathing) 1 hour
3.3.3 Drilling 1 hour
3.3.4 Grinding 1 hour
3.3.5 Welding 1 hour
3.3.6 3D Printing 1 hour
3.3.7 Hand Tools 1 hour
3.3.8 Saws and Cutting Tools 1 hour
3.3.9 Power Tools 1 hour
3.3.10 Measuring Tools 1 hour
3.3.11 Other Tools 1 hour