Important Notices:

⚠ It’s Pre-Season 2024! ⚠

  • The events for 2023 have concluded. Teams, spectators, and enthusiasts can retrieve match details, statistics, and more from The Blue Alliance’s events page.

  • Those looking to brush up on last season’s rules can access the 2023 Game Manual on the official FIRST website.

  • To view footage from previous FRC seasons, check out the official FRC YouTube Page under the playlists section.

URGENT FRC Blog Updates

1. Motor Rule Changes for the 2024 Season

  • Authored by: Jay O’Donnell, FIRST Robotics Competition Mechanical Engineer
  • Summary: For the 2024 season, there’s a change to the robot rules. Teams will be limited to four motors for robot movement (referred to as propulsion motors). Certain types of motors are excluded from this limitation. The change is intended to reduce robot collisions and ensure field durability while aiming to level the playing field for teams with various resources.

2. Award Updates for the 2024 Season

  • Authored by: Fiona Hanlon, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Experience Specialist
  • Highlights:
    • A reminder of award resources available to teams, including guidance for the Dean’s List Award, judging processes, and tips for interacting with judges.
    • Updates to the FIRST Impact Award Video: Videos will be a part of the submission process, and bringing a flash drive is no longer necessary. Videos are optional and are not a part of the official judging process.
    • Guidance for FIRST Impact Award Feedback: Teams can submit an optional question for feedback from event judges.
    • The Highest Rookie Seed Award will be discontinued.

3. Introducing a New Way to Register Youth in the U.S. & Canada

  • Authored by: FIRST Digital Transformation Team
  • Highlights:
    • Introduction of mobile-friendly Express Enrollment for youth registration in the U.S. and Canada.
    • FIRST lead coaches generate and share registration links
    • Parents use these links for easy youth registration

New FRC Products for the 2024 Season

  • There are new motors being released from Rev Robotics and West Coast Products for the 2024 season. Check them out!
    • Highlights:
      • REV Robotics presents NEO Vortex, a brushless motor with a high-resolution encoder and 640 Watts power. It’s complemented by the SPARK Flex motor controller, featuring 3-phase current sensing and enhanced data port. Both offer direct docking integration
      • WestCoast Products introduces Kraken X60, a motor with 1100+W peak power and 6,000RPM, integrated with Talon FX technology. Pre-orders are available, with shipments starting mid-December.

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