3.2 Machining & Fabrication Safety

What is Machining & Fabrication Safety?

When using heavy duty tools and machines, safety is a top priority. This section will cover the basics of safety for machining and fabrication. As a prerequisite, you should have completed the Safety chapter (WIP) and read through the official FIRST Safety Manual. The safety manual is a great resource for learning about safety. It covers all aspects of FIRST Robotics Competition, however it is not specific to machining and fabrication.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are a must for machining and fabrication. Safety glasses protect your eyes from flying debris and sparks. FIRST requires they be ANSI-approved, UL-Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS certified or CSA rated, non-reflective lenses with your eyes clearly visible at all times. You should check that your glasses are free of scratches and cracks. If you wear prescription glasses, you can get prescription safety glasses. Side shields are also recommended. Safety glasses are required for all team members while working in the shops, pits, and even on the field.

Additional types of safety googles, masks, helmets, and other safety equipment are recommended. You should always wear the appropriate safety equipment for the task at hand. When welding, safety glasses alone are NOT enough protection at all and you will go blind!

Hearing Protection