0.0 About FRC Zero?

FRC Zero is a knowledge base for students, mentors, and parents of FIRST Robotics Competition teams. It is a single source of information for all things FIRST Robotics Competition. This includes information on the game, the rules, the robot, and the competition and much more. The site is broken down into chapters and sections. Each chapter is a topic and each section is a sub-topic. The chapters and sections are listed in the left sidebar. Teams can use FRC Zero to help them prepare for the season, build their robot, and compete in the competition. Teams can submit content to FRC Zero to help other teams. FRC Zero is the collaborative effort of many teams and individuals.

Below is an outline of the topics that will be covered in this chapter.

Contents for this Chapter

Order Page Title Time Estimate
0.1 Why FRC Zero? 5 minutes
0.2 How to Use FRC Zero 5 minutes
0.3 How to write for FRC Zero 5 minutes
0.4 Who are the contributors? 5 minutes
0.5 Special Thanks and References 5 minutes
Total 25 minutes