7.0 Computer Aided Design

CAD or Computer Aided Design helps teams design their robot. It is a great way to visualize the robot and to make sure that the robot is designed correctly. CAD is also a great way to share the robot design with other teams and mentors. CAD is not required for the competition, but it is highly recommended. Software like Fusion 360, OnShape, and SolidWorks are all great options for teams to use. All 3 have free versions (For Educational use) that are great for teams to use. My personal favorite is Fusion 360 (Mr. Siefen’s opinion). All of them have great tutorials and resources to help teams get started. The goal of this chapter is to help teams get started with CAD and to help teams learn how to use CAD to design FRC specific items and hardware.

Below is an outline of the topics that will be covered in this chapter.

Contents for this Chapter

Order Page Title Time Estimate
7.1 Fusion 360 30 minutes
7.2 OnShape 30 minutes
7.3 SolidWorks 30 minutes
7.4 CAD Basics 30 minutes
7.5 CAD for FRC 30 minutes
7.6 CAD for FRC - Drivetrain 30 minutes
7.7 CAD for FRC - Intake 30 minutes
7.8 CAD for FRC - Shooter 30 minutes
7.9 CAD for FRC - Climber 30 minutes
7.10 CAD for FRC - Control Panel 30 minutes
7.11 CAD for FRC - Electrical 30 minutes
7.12 CAD for FRC - Pneumatics 30 minutes
7.13 CAD for FRC - 3d Printing 30 minutes
7.14 CAD for FRC - CNC 30 minutes
7.15 CAD for FRC - Sheet Metal 30 minutes
7.16 CAD for FRC - Wood 30 minutes
Appendix A - CAD Resources 30 minutes
Total 8 hours